A drinking fountain for your dog. That sounds like a luxury device that does not help you much more than if you just drop a bowl of water. But nothing is less true. Setting up a drinking fountain for your dog has a lot of advantages for both the dog and the owner.

Best Drinking fountain for dogs

  1. Veken Pet Fountain, 84oz/2.5L Automatic Dog Water Fountain Dog Water Dispenser with 3 Replacement Filters


This Veken Stream Drinking Fountain can hold up to 2.5 liters of water. Your pet will therefore not easily run out of water. The fresh, flowing water is so attractive that your dog or cat will enjoy drinking and enjoying it, which increases drinking and is good for your health. Because of the water circulates, it automatically remains cool and oxygenated. The drinking fountain consumes little energy. You can set the adjustable pump to sparkling water or a soft water jet.  Veken Dog Fountain has 3 modes: flower waterfall, flower bubble, and gentle fountain. It is suitable for medium to large dogs.


  • Colour White made with high-quality PP resin
  • Filters: Equipped with 3 replaceable filters each containing activated carbon and ion exchange with cotton layer
  • Package Contents: 1 water fountain, silicon pad,
  1. PetSafe Drinkwell Indoor/Outdoor Dog Fountain


Refilling your pet’s bowl of water is always an inconvenient task, but it is something that must be done often. With the Petsafe Water Fountain, you make your life as a dog owner much easier as it has 13litres or 450oz capacity. You do not have to refill the container muchh often. The device ensures that your four-legged friend has long-term access to clean, fresh drinking water, and feed. The plastic cover prevents dirt from getting into your dog’s food and drink. You can also use this Petsafe drinking fountain outdoors. It comes with a replaceable carbon filter.


  • Color: Grey
  • Material: UV resistant Plastic
  • Package Contents: 1
  • Brand: Petsafe Since 1991
  1. IsYoung Fountain Automatic Water Dispenser for Dogs


Your dog or cat always has access to fresh, running water with this beautiful ISYoung Fountain Automatic drinking water fountain. The drinking fountain is of very high quality and even gives your pet the best choice. Drink standing water from the container or drink running water from the fountain. The fountain is very sturdy and stable on the ground. The filter ensures that the water is always clean. The ISYOUNG Drinking Fountain is easy to clean with the dishwasher. Also, the fountain uses little energy and makes little noise. A perfect drinking place for your pet.


  • Colour White
  • Capacity: 2.5 L/ 84 oz
  • Material: Ceramic
  • Package Contents: 1 x Trixie Vital Flow Mini Drinking Fountain
  1. Pikolai Outdoor Trouble-Free Pet Drinking Doggie Easy Paw Activated Dog Sprinkler


With the press of the paw on the button, your dog can provide itself with water with this Pikolai Chill Out Drinking Fountain. You can easily connect this handy drinking fountain to the garden hose so that your four-legged friend can always drink fresh water. The big advantage is of course that you are not constantly walking back and forth to fill the dog bowl with water. The anti-slip layer on the bottom of the drinking fountain ensures that the water point stays in place. The PIKOLAI Drinking Fountain is ideal for summer!


  • Color White
  • Material: Plastic and for garden use
  • Package contents: 1 Water Sprinker
  1. Newest Dog Water Fountain Auto Refill Outdoor Indoor


When you water your dog or cat, you naturally want this water to be fresh and clean. The Newest Fountain has two replacement filters ensure to this. They filter out bugs, hair, and other debris from the water before the water reaches the pump. Also, the filters help to keep the pump clean. It has three working modes: Press the button to flame symbol to turn on the Heating Function and Fountain; Press the button to the recycle symbol to turn on the Fountain only; and don’t press the button, it will work like a bowl of Fountain. To be sure that the filters fit, it is best to consult the manual of your drinking fountain. It has capacity of 52oz/1.53L with auto refill facility


  • Color:  Dark Grey
  • Material: BPA free plastic design

Drinking fountain for dogs – Buying guide & FAQ

What is a drinking fountain for the dog?

A drinking fountain is a water point for the dog where he can quench his thirst. It is often also referred to as a water dispenser. At a drinking fountain, the water ‘flows’ while standing still in an ordinary container. Your dog drinks in the same way as he would in nature. But that’s not the only reason you should buy a drinking fountain for your dog. There are a lot more benefits to it.


Drinking fountain dog – the benefits

What are the benefits then? Well, how about a drinking fountain that makes the water a lot more attractive to your dog.

No more drinking in crazy places

There are those dogs that seem to conjure their water from everywhere. Have you ever caught your dog drinking from the toilet? Then you are certainly not the first. Dogs also like to drink outside from a dirty pool or puddle. With a drinking fountain for your dog in your house, you create a nice drinking place for your pet where he will happily quench his thirst.

Healthy and freshwater

It is also very healthy for your dog to drink from a drinking fountain. A filter in the drinking fountain ensures that every time water goes through, lime and bacteria are filtered out of the water. This happens every time the water passes through the filter. Your faithful four-legged friend can, therefore, enjoy wonderfully pure drinking water.

Drink naturally

The way your dog takes in the water is very attractive to the animal. He automatically drinks in a much more natural position than when he has to drink water from a water bowl. Drinking from a water fountain is not only a tasty but also fun activity for your dog. The nice side effect is that your dog will drink a lot, which keeps his whole body healthy.

Running water

Also, the water of a drinking fountain is moving. You may know that running water always contains fewer bacteria than standing water. This also works with drinking bowls for the dog. A drinking water bowl with standing water will contain more bacteria than a drinking water bowl, which is exactly what a drinking fountain is.

Refill less often

And then there is another big advantage of a drinking fountain. Refilling. Anyone who has a dog at home knows that a water bowl must be refilled regularly, sometimes several times a day. A water fountain can often store a little more water so that your dog can enjoy freshwater for a long time without having to walk back and forth with a sloshing water bowl.

Just practice

Not every dog ​​immediately understands what to do if suddenly there is a drinking fountain on the spot where his bowl of water once stood. It may be that your dog needs to get used to it. If your big friend is ultimately thirsty, he will nevertheless discover that the drinking fountain is the place to quench his thirst. It is therefore smart to place the drinking fountain in the same place as where the dog’s water bowl used to be, so your dog’s drinking place remains the same and extra confusion is prevented.

Buy a drinking fountain dog? This is what you should pay attention to

If you’re about to purchase a drinking fountain for your dog, it might be nice to know what to look for. There is a wide range of drinking fountains for dogs on the market and you do not want to make a bargain. To make a good choice, you can keep the following points in mind when buying a drinking fountain:

Adjust the size of the drinking fountain to your dog

If you have a large dog, you need a larger drinking fountain than if you have a small dog in the house.


The larger the reservoir, the less often you have to refill the drinking fountain. If you have a large dog that drinks a lot, it is often smart to choose a slightly larger reservoir.

The material of the drinking fountain

A drinking fountain for dogs can be made of different materials. Plastic, ceramic or stainless steel, for example. The choice of material depends a bit on your taste and preference. A plastic drinking fountain is often cheaper than a drinking fountain made of ceramic or stainless steel but is usually also less attractive. Cleaning is easy with plastic, but the chance that a plastic drinking fountain will break over time is greater than with a stainless steel one. A ceramic water fountain is beautiful to see, but also easy to clean. These are often a bit more expensive.

extra options

Many drinking fountains have some extra features, such as different water levels or an indicator light that indicates whether the drinking fountain needs to be refilled for your dog. Some more expensive versions have special dimmable LED lighting and radar sensors, so less water is wasted. One drinking fountain is also quieter than the other. The more functions, the more expensive the drinking fountain often is.


And then it is of course also important to pay attention to the price. This can differ per drinking fountain. The more expensive drinking fountains cost less than 100 euros, the cheaper versions start around 20 euros. If the money does not grow on your back, it is smart to set a budget in advance what you would like to / can spend on a drinking fountain for your dog so that you are not tempted to spend too much.

Conclusion: Drinking fountain for dogs

A drinking fountain for your dog – Handy!

A drinking fountain is useful for both the dog and the owner. The dog can drink healthy and freshwater in a natural way and will also enjoy doing it. If you have a dog that drinks too little or has to drink a little more due to health problems, buying a water fountain is a very good idea. Even if your dog is a ‘normal’ drinker, you will certainly enjoy it and you will have to walk back and forth less often to grab some drinks for your best friend. Useful!



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