Do your four-legged friend in the house cannot wait for the meal, and complete the food within a minute? Then purchasing a Slow Feeder for Dog for your dog is a good idea as a solution. Although you might even like how quickly your dog gulps up his food bowl, but it is not very healthy for the dog itself. Also, it can make your best loyal friend quite fat. An anti-Gulping bowl ensures that your dog eats as much as usual, but in a responsible manner. Check out our reviews with the list of best slow feeding bowls for dogs.

Best Slow Feeder for Dogs:

  1. Outward Hound Fun Feeder Dog Bowl Slow Feeder Stop Bloat for Dogs


A dog that eats slowly can digest its food better. That’s why it’s a good idea to purchase this Outward Hound Slow Feeder. Due to the unique design, your dog does not have the opportunity to swallow his meal in one go but has to put in a little more effort. That is not a problem because your dog only likes it and is challenging when he has to puzzle a bit to eat well. Because your dog now takes more time to chew the kibble, the teeth are well maintained. So a lot of advantages.

  1. JASGOOD Slow Dog Bowl for Large Dogs, Anti-Gulping Feeder Dog Bowl


Food is tasty and fun! Especially with this JASGOOD Bowl Slow Feeder. The raised edges in the bowl ensure that your dog has to work hard to get his food out of the container. That is not only fun and challenging but also very healthy. It is better for the digestion if your dog chews his food well and eats a bit slower. This also saves a lot of dirty winds in one day. Also, all the chewing cleans the teeth extra well. What a top thing this JASGOOD Bowl Anti Gulping Feeder!


  • Available in 5 Color options to choose from.
  1. Siensync Slow Feeder Dog Bowl, Non-Slip Puzzle Bowl Fun Feeder Interactive Bloat Stop Dog Bowl


This beautiful anti-Bloating bowl from Siensyncis a real asset if you have a dog that eats its bowl within a minute, without chewing properly. That shock can cause health problems like flatulence or even a dangerous stomach torsion. Due to the design of the Siencsync Anti-gulping bowl, your dog has to put in a lot more effort to get food out of the bowl. As a result, he will chew better and eat more slowly. And that is a lot healthier. The teeth also get a makeover due to the chewing. Great reasons to buy this food bowl.


  • Colors: Blue and Red
  1. HappyPets World 4Pcs Dog Slow Feeder Bowl, Dog Slow Feeder Lick Tray Combination Set Non Slip Puzzle Bowl Durable Preventing Choking Healthy Design Bowl


Not only very beautiful but also good for your dog. It is not without reason that this happy Pets World was awarded the ‘Best in Show’. You can get this Slow Feeder for your dog in different design blocks. These special designs make it more difficult for your dog to get the food out of the bowl. As a result, he will eat slower, which is healthy. Also, it is very nice for your dog to eat this way. You will certainly do your dog a favour if you purchase the Happy Pets World Dog Bowl. Anti-slip rubber pads in the bottom with four plates to choose as per requirement.


  1. NEATER PET BRANDS Slow Feed Bowl Stainless Steel Metal (Non-Tip Style) 


More modern than modern. This slow feeder food bowl from NEATER has a built-in scale so you can always give your dog the right amount of food. That food ends up in a food bowl with raised edges, which makes your dog eat slower. That is good for the digestion of your best friend. The slow eating will also make your dog chew better, which is good for the teeth. The anti-gulping part of the container is easy to wash. The anti-slip layer ensures that the food bowl stays in place.


Slow Feeder for Dog- Buying guide & FAQ

What is a Slow Feeder bowl for dogs?

A Slow Feeder bowl is a food bowl for dogs with a certain pattern, making it impossible for the dog to eat large quantities of kibble or food at once. It is a bit like a box with a maze incorporated with raised edges and deep grooves. Your dog should make an effort to eat the kibble or food from the bowl. The puzzle with the teeth and tongue drastically reduces the eating pace of your four-legged friend. That is not only good for gulping dogs, but for all dogs.

Why buy a Slow Feeder Bowl for Dog?

Isn’t that pathetic to have your dog do a whole puzzle to get his food in? No, on the contrary.

It is excellent to let your dog eat a bit slower. Eating too fast can cause health problems and other discomforts. To start with the least bad thing: a dog that eats quickly can experience flatulence because too much air is taken in during eating. Every dog owner knows that dog flatulence can be very annoying and even disgusting.

Even worse, fast eating food can cause your dog to suffer from stomach torsion. In gastric torsion, the stomach turns and closes off from your dog’s intestines and esophagus. Gastric torsion can be life-threatening. Another effect of eating food too quickly is being overweight in your dog. Because food when eaten too quickly, your dog’s body does not have enough time to digest the food and your dog will become fat faster.

Chew well

As with humans, chewing food is very important to dogs. Not only because it ensures that the food is better digested in the making and prevents obesity, but also because by chewing well, the teeth also receive the necessary care.

Another reason to buy a Slow Feeder for your dog is that it is also fun for your dog. The challenge to get the food out of the bowl provides extra mental and physical stimulation for the dog. Food is, therefore, a celebration every time!

So there are plenty of reasons to purchase a Slow Feeder bowl for your dog. Maybe you have already looked around, and you have seen that there is a lot of choices.

Slow Feeder dog; What to pay attention during purchase?

You have decided to purchase a Slow Feeder bowl for your dog. How nice! You do your dog a lot of fun with it. But what should you pay attention to when you are going to buy a Slow Feeder bowl for your dog? We have listed some points for you:

The material of the Slow Feeder for Dog for your dog

A Slow Feeder for Dog bowl is made of different materials. Stainless steel, plastic, ceramic, or plastic. There is something to be said for every material. This is mainly a matter of choice and durability.


It is, of course, the intention of the Slow Feeder that the eating pace of your dog is slowed down considerably, but that does not mean that your dog does not eat at all. Therefore, make sure that the dog does not find it too difficult to eat his/her food.

Size of the Slow Feeder

A larger dog eats more and therefore needs a larger Slow Feeder bowl than a small dog. Therefore, adjust the size of the Slow Feeder bowl for your dog as per the size of your dog.

Easy to clean

A Slow Feeder is regularly used. It is then also hygienic to clean it often. When choosing a Slow Feeder box for your dog, make sure that this is easy. For example, check whether the container can be washed in the dishwasher or it can be washed with only hands.


The price of a Slow Feeder for your dog can differ. The cheapest bins cost about 10 Dollars. The most expensive slow feeder bowls can cost about 50 dollars.


Slow Feeders are available in different shapes and sizes and also in different colours. You can choose from the best colours and adjust the colour of the Slow Feeder bowl as per your home interior.

Conclusion: Slow Feeder bowl for dogs

Your dog can eat just as well as other dogs with a Slow Feeder food bowl in the house. He/she only does this at a slightly slower pace because it is difficult to get the food out of the food bowl. This provides extra stimulation and is also a lot healthier for the animal. By purchasing a Slow Feeder dog for your dog, you prevent health problems such as being overweight, life-threatening stomach torsion, and annoying flatulence.

Also, slow eating improves the care of the teeth. The Slow Feeder is suitable for every dog. So not just for those who gulp up their food within a minute. Are you also doing your loyal four-legged friend a favour by serving the chunks in such a handy Slow Feeder bowl? Then the pets can enjoy their meal well.

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